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Welcome to my website! I am thrilled that you stopped by to check it out. As a creator, my main goal is to produce content that not only entertains but also adds value and enjoyment to people’s lives. Whether it’s through my writing, films, or other creative endeavors, I strive to connect with my audience and create content that resonates with them.

While it may be new, I have big plans for this site. Here, you’ll find a collection of my work, including personal blog posts, fun videos, and much more. I’m constantly exploring new ways to express myself creatively, and this website will serve as a hub for all my latest projects and endeavors. So be sure to check back often for updates. Thank you for visiting.


I’m a writer, director, independent filmmaker, media contributor, and host of the podcast Aimee Keeps It Creepy. My career in the entertainment industry started as an actress, and I have been fortunate to work with some of Hollywood’s finest, such as Mel Gibson, Tobey Maguire, Jennifer Aniston, and Leonardo DiCaprio. I have been a part of over 100 episodes of television, including a cast member on Days of Our Lives.

Throughout my time in the horror film industry, I developed a particular fondness for the genre. As a result, I started the Aimee Keeps It Creepy podcast, where we visit some of the world’s most haunted places during production. During our visits, we have filmed and recorded some astonishing EVP’s and ghostly phenomena that have shocked me and my crew.

Nowadays, I refer to myself as an accidental ghost hunter and a believer in the unbelievable. It’s been an incredible journey, and I can’t wait to see what spooky adventures await me in the future.

My Current Film Projects

Our cameras were granted unprecedented access to the Monte Cristo Homestead, one of Australia’s most haunted locations, for a groundbreaking documentary series. This homestead has a history of over 130 years filled with ominous events and paranormal activity, and its secrets have long remained enigmatic – until now.

Teen Witches Documentary

The ongoing story of a group of teens in Medford, Oregon looking for magic in their lives. I am proud to share that the documentary “Teen Witches”, a six-year project that follows a group of teens in Medford, Oregon, is wrapping up this year. It is the first documentary featuring a coven of witches growing up through their teen years into adulthood.


“Aimee Keeps it Creepy” Podcast

As a scream queen actress and the daughter of a police detective, I’ve always been fascinated by the darker side of human nature. And now, I’m sharing that obsession with you.

Join me as I dive headfirst into some of the most haunting and disturbing cases in history. From unsolved murders to ghostly sightings, I’ll spare no detail in bringing you the creepiest and most fascinating stories from around the world. And with high-profile guest interviews and visits to some of the most haunted locations on the planet, you won’t be able to look away.

So forget about Hollywood scripts and let me show you just how truly creepy our real world can be. Are you ready to keep it creepy with me?

Toxic Content™

Toxic Content™ is an LA based production company that tells compelling stories through film, television, media and virtual reality. As the CEO and executive producer, I am proud to lead a female-owned production company in Hollywood producing paranormal and comedy/horror content.

I believe that women love the paranormal, and yet, the majority of content in this genre is created by men. That’s why I see an untapped space for women to tell the creepy stories that women want to consume. The entertainment industry is demanding female-driven stories and fresh, original content that entertains. I intend to deliver on this demand with a slate of projects in the upcoming year.

My team and I are in pre-production and development on several female-driven paranormal podcasts, docu-series, and scripted horror films.

At Toxic Content™, we are committed to creating engaging stories with unique voices for global audiences. By producing fierce female-written, directed, and produced content, we are paving the way for future creatives and audiences to enjoy a more diverse entertainment industry.

La Fond Films

I co-founded La Fond Films and La Fond Media with my producing partner, Rick La Fond. Together, we are currently working on the development and production of several feature films, documentaries, and docu-series.

Currently, I am directing the documentary titled “The Monte Cristo Homestead” as well as an ongoing documentary series called “Teen Witches.” Being able to work on these projects has been an incredible experience, and I am grateful for the opportunity to bring these stories to life through filmmaking.


Natural Narcissist™

I’m thrilled to introduce you to Natural Narcissist™, my passion project that I’m proud to be founding. As I approach the milestone of 50, I’ve realized that my natural beauty and wellness routine has been a crucial factor in keeping me looking and feeling young and healthy. That’s why I’ve created Natural Narcissist – to help others harness the power of nature for their own beauty and wellness journeys.

At Natural Narcissist™, we’re all about a whole body approach to organic beauty, skincare, and personal wellness. Our blog is filled with personal stories and insights into the natural ingredients and practices that have helped me maintain my youthful glow, and I’m excited to share those with you. But we don’t stop there – we also offer delicious, all-natural recipes that will nourish your body from the inside out.

And of course, we also have a range of products that are carefully crafted with organic ingredients to help you look and feel your best. From nourishing skincare to indulgent bath and body treats, our products are designed to pamper you while also supporting your natural beauty and wellness.

I believe that everyone deserves to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin, and that nature provides everything we need to achieve that. I’m excited to share my knowledge and experience with you through Natural Narcissist™, and I hope you’ll join me on this journey towards a healthier, more radiant you.

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